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Writing competitions

Nothing is more inspirational than a deadline. These websites update their competition/submissions information every month, so that YOU can choose one (or three) in any genre and GET IT DONE! Yes, there is usually a fee (sometimes quite hefty) but, without the pressure of that deadline, when else would you make the effort to rewrite, cut and polish a piece of work until it's as good as it can be? Trust me  ~ the whoosh of pride and satisfaction you get when you press that 'Submit' button (two minutes before the official deadline, of course) makes you feel like a winner ~ every time.  

Here's SOME WINNING ADVICE from a short story competition judge  


... and a few TIPS FOR POETS  


But don't let any of it stop you from daring to be different and doing your own thing.


However, it's always a good idea to read the rules.

And you might find TLC's excellent guide on




go fer it without a deadline