Wild writing

Wild Writing

Every WriteDay starts with 10 minutes of handwritten exercises to free the creative energy of what writing coach and author Natalie Goldberg calls your ‘wild mind’. The trick is to write without judgment and without lifting your pen from the paper.

Don't think just write

The reason you keep your hand moving is because there’s often a conflict between the editor and the creator. The editor is always on our shoulder saying, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t write that. It’s no good.’ The goal is to allow the written word to connect with your original mind, to write down the first thought you flash on, before the second and third thoughts come in.

Natalie Goldberg

Remember: There is no right or wrong way of doing this. You are free to write absolute rubbish. Or to write about whatever pops into your head, whether it fits in with the prompt or not. Spelling and grammar matter not a jot. It’s just for you.

The words will start to flow if you let your imagination go in response to the prompts provided ~ sentences for you to complete. pictures to inspire you, or questions that will help you create a character or setting in a few minutes.

Most WriteDayers keep a notebook just for Wild Writing and say it’s a great resource when they’re stuck for ideas. TRY IT!