Welcome wordsmiths!

The Write Place is a creative work space in the heart of Frome where writers can escape isolation, stop procrastinating, and write together in companionable silence.

The Quiet Zone

Besides a Quiet Zone for writing (mobile-free), there’s a separate Chat Room to eat, read, rant about writing, or simply relax in the Shiatsu massage chair.

Office space just for writers

Our two wonderful studios under the eaves of Frome’s vibrant Black Swan Arts are open to members 9am – 5pm, seven days a week. We try to provide everything a writer needs to Get it Done:

  • Time to really focus on your work
  • Space to write without distractions
  • Support from other writers
  • Comfortable writing chairs

We are here for wordsmiths in every genre, whatever your level of experience, whether you’re writing for yourself, publication, university or work.