Join us

Why join us?

Because writing doesn’t have to be a lonely, frustrating experience: all that ‘room of your own’ stuff is grossly overrated. Something magical happens when writers work quietly together in the same space to achieve their individual goals. Procrastination isn’t possible, ideas and words start to flow and … we write.

So banish those Killer Ps and try it. Come out of your sheds and garrets and cupboards-under-the-stairs. Bring whatever it is you are struggling to write on your own to The Write Place, and prepare to be amazed at the difference it makes to your word count when you write with other writers.

For once, you CAN afford to put your writing first because we are completely not-for-profit and aim to keep our fees as low as possible. We’re here to help you to write ~ so no more excuses!

The quiet room has a sofa and  armchair, plus a dining table. And of course, bookcases.

Full membership

For £40 a month, members can:

  • Reserve a desk in advance using our interactive spreadsheet
  • Write at our studios anytime between 9-5, Monday-Sunday
  • Enjoy all-day hot drinks & biscuits for a mere £1
  • Borrow books about writing from our library
  • Attend our workshops and write-ins at a reduced rate


Visitors are welcome to join us on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays (if there are desks are available), but you do need to book (and pay) in advance:

£5 for up to 4 hours, £10 a day

For more information or to book a trial visit, email

What people say

TWP has a magical formula that just works for me. Silence filled with the tapping of keyboards and scratching of pen on paper, space and freedom to think, surrounded by other writers.

The Write Place needs to be celebrated – until you’ve been you have no idea how unique this beautiful, caring haven is. Some writers are new, some published, many don’t care either way as they are writing for themselves. Everyone’s work and writing time is respected. You would be hard-pressed to find a similar place anywhere.